Propose the most important item that is the ring, when the boys want to buy a suitable ring to the girls, in the exciting occasion to bring to the girls, the ring just across the finger on the replica cartier love necklace finger, the kind of happiness completely Can be used to express the gift of heaven and earth. Do you know the size of her fingers? Nvjie size of how the size of the set? The auction will close on 9th September and the stone itself is being for the US. Marshals Service. The diamond itself weighs 43.51cts and is a fancy intense yellow, internally flawless diamond, that has been fashioned into a rectangular bodified brilliant cut. Professional Ms. ring on the hand-inch, that female ring size. Refers to the ring ring size. Hand-inch is the number as a unit, Oriental hand-inch range in the number between No. 8 -28. The major jewelry stores are divided into American and Hong Kong-style hand-inch-inch, the difference between the two is its corresponding diameter and circumference vary, the majority of the current use of Hong Kong-style law. If you do not know the size of the womans finger ring, there are some ways to help you better choose the right ring. Such as a game with silk or string tied to the fingers of the length of such a wire coil is Nvjie size. If the relationship can also take a ring I took over, to the jewelry store to measure the size of the female ring. So as long as you carefully found that you will always find ways to get the girl s finger circumference size. Give him the right ring is not that hard. Inspection of the diamond is possible in the later part of August in Cleveland, and a $180,000 deposit will be required in advance, which is fully refundable. It is likely that the diamond will be provoke great interest and most parties will be very interested to gain a greater insight into the story behind such a rare diamond. Of course, some girls do not usually wear jewelry, when in the online shopping to see a fake cartier love bracelet for their own time, often because of the size of the finger and fear of female ring size inappropriate. In this case you can measure the size of your finger ring by measuring your fingers circumference or trying the size ring at the jewelry store. So that in the future to buy their own ring when it is relatively easy to easily buy. The above approach for boys and girls are a worth learning and know common sense. In the future one day must be easy to use on. If you happen to have a spare $900,000 lying around, and a passion for collecting rare diamonds, then you might wish to consider bidding on a diamond that will be coming up for auction on the US website